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Mushrooms from community garden sicken Los Angeles schoolchildren

A toxic mushroom species, amanita pantherina, is believed to be the cause of multiple illnesses at a Silver Lake elementary school. (KABC)

According to a phone message sent to parents, the students were taking part in an afternoon “garden instruction” lesson at the garden, which sits on the edge of the campus.

By Veronica Rocha and Howard Blume
Los Angeles Times
Sept. 23, 2016


A parent told KABC-TV that his 10-year-old son had to be hospitalized after someone working in the garden gave him and other fifth-graders mushrooms. After eating the mushrooms, students started throwing up.

Doctors have performed tests on the boy to determine what made him sick, the TV news station reported. District officials said they had no information about the types of vegetables in the garden.

The district confirmed, however, that students are thought to have eaten mushrooms, even though official statements refer only to students sampling “vegetables.”

Apparently, the mushrooms were growing in the garden and no harm had been intended, said district spokeswoman Shannon Haber.

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