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Journal: Urban Agriculture & Regional Food Systems


Volume 1 Issue 1, July 2016

Urban Agriculture & Regional Food Systems, formerly published by Baltzer Science Publishers, recently joined the ACSESS portfolio of agricultural and environmental journals.
The Journal is supported by RUAF.

Urban Agriculture & Regional Food Systems is a multi-disciplinary, peer-reviewed and open access journal focusing on urban and peri-urban agriculture and systems of urban and regional food provisioning in developing, transition, and advanced economies.

The journal intends to be a platform for cutting edge research on urban and peri-urban agricultural production for food and non-food (e.g. flowers, medicine, cosmetics) uses and for social, environmental and health services (e.g. tourism, water storage, care, education, waste recycling, urban greening). It aims to explore, analyse and critically reflect upon urban and regional food production, processing, transport, trade, marketing and consumption and the social, economic, environmental, health and spatial contexts, relations and impacts of these food provisioning activities.

The journal addresses one of the contemporary grand societal challenges: how to secure the availability, affordability and access to culturally appropriate, nutritious and safe food for a growing and rapidly urbanizing world population in times of increasing resource scarcity, diet-related ill-health and climate change. This contemporary grand societal challenge requires a multi-disciplinary approach and hence Urban Agriculture & Regional Food Systems welcomes contributions from a wide variety of disciplines, such as sociology, economics, marketing and consumer studies, gender studies, human and economic geography, urban and regional planning, architecture, urbanism, landscape architecture, political science, agronomy, soil science, water management, and public health studies.The journal publishes original research as well as critical reviews.

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