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Urban farming nonprofit vandalized by animal-rights activists over slaughtering of 3 pigs in Missoula

The Garden City headquarters was vandalized when someone spray-painted “Murderers” in bright red letters and signed it “AFL”, an apparent reference to the Animal Liberation Front.

Much of the meat goes to the Missoula Food Bank, Zosel explained, and some of it is sold elsewhere.

By David Erickson
Oct 24, 2016


Though nobody has been arrested in connection with the vandalism, it appears to have been a protest of the butchering of three hogs for educational purposes. The nonprofit Garden City Harvest operates a youth education program at its PEAS Farm in the Rattlesnake, and three to five pigs are raised every year. Kids in every grade level are allowed to see and touch the animals as part of a curriculum that aims to give them insight into their local food system.

“We see 2,500 school kids a year as well as adults and college students,” said GCH executive director Jean Zosel. “Having the pigs on the site, they can see where meat comes from. Some kids think meat comes from Albertsons. That’s part of our farm-to-school work, is helping people learn where their meat comes from.

“And we have conversations about humane treatment of farm animals and whether that makes someone decide they are fine with that or become a vegetarian, we start the conversation, which is not happening anywhere else,” she said. “And when the hogs are about seven months old, the hogs are taken to a facility and then they’re harvested.”

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