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Venezuela’s Controversial Urban Agriculture Plan

Tweet mocking urban agriculture plan.

When the project was presented in February, the newly created Ministry of Urban Agriculture announced that 12,000 square kilometers — about 4,600 square miles — would be planted in the first 100 days. Eight months into the project, only 21 square kilometers (about 8 square miles) of land have been cultivated, according to the ministry.

By Sofia Barbarani
Washington Post
Nov 1, 2016


Some Venezuelans try to look on the bright side of the experiment: Producing their own food can reduce the time spent on the streets of Caracas, where crime is skyrocketing. For De Leandro, who was once kidnapped for ransom, this is a comforting thought. She grows a stunning array of vegetables on one of her terraces.

But not all Caraquenians have enough land to cultivate produce, and water is also in short supply due to a drought.

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Purdue Extensions’s Urban Agriculture Certificate 2016-2017


The Urban Agriculture Certificate is a yearlong experience that combines classroom learning with field trips to prepare urban agriculture leaders for success with their project.

Begins on Wednesday, November 2 at 6 p.m

Urban Agriculture Certificate participants will:

• Receive in-depth instruction for urban organic crop production—from farm design through harvest techniques

• Clarify their project vision and strengthen their community impact

• Learn to think like an enterprise to achieve economic sustainability

This certificate follows a curriculum designed by Purdue Extension and is tailored to the dynamics of urban agriculture which occurs at a very small scale (usually an acre or less), at close proximity to non-agriculture land uses, and often in partnership with other individuals or organizations. The audience for this curriculum includes for-profit and non-profit market farmers and gardeners, community garden organizers, school garden leaders, urban homesteaders, and other urban agriculture project leaders.

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