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The new face of Canadian agriculture

Tsawwassen Farm School is a unique educational program that is a collaboration between Kwantlen Polytechnic University and Tsawwassen First Nation and on TFN land. (Jean-Philippe Marquis)

Backyard chickens. One-acre market gardens. Rooftop bees. What used to be part of the rural landscape is creeping into the cement-and-steel terrain of Canada’s urban centres, creating an intersection of food, community and education.

By Nikki Wart
Nov 3, 2016


In the past year at the University of Guelph’s Ontario Agricultural College, 60 per cent of the applicants for the bachelor of science and agriculture program came from urban postal codes.

And few companies are doing it as well as Alvéole, a Montreal-based hive-keeping company founded in 2012.

“We’re basically setting up a hive and saying, ‘This is your hive, and you’re going to see food production and agriculture and environment through these bees,’ ” he says, adding that there are a lot of similarities between urban agriculture and traditional agriculture. For one, urban farmers still have to battle weather and disease.

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Sweden’s Railway Gardeners – Tragard pa Sparet (Garden on the track)

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A general view of Tragard pa Sparet (Garden on the track) in Stockholm, Sweden. See slideshow of city farming in Sweden.

An increasing number of Swedish city-dwellers are growing their own in window boxes and allotments or are visiting public gardens built in or on industrial or office spaces.

Photography by Maxim Shemetov. Reporting by Helena Soderpalm.
Nov 9, 2016


Inspired by New York’s Highline, a garden built on an elevated railroad, and Berlin’s Prinzessinnengarten, a reclaimed wasteland, a Stockholm neighbourhood has turned a disused railway into a communal space for hundreds of amateur gardeners.

Five years ago, local man Philipp Olsmeyer wanted to make his Sodermalm area greener and contacted local authorities with his idea for the Tradgard pa Sparet – Swedish for “Garden on track”.

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