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University of Memphis plans to replace community garden with 120 new parking spaces

The Tiger Initiative for Gardens in Urban Settings.

“The university needs the green spaces that are left. If you pave over the garden there now, you don’t get that back.”

By Joshua Cannon
Memphis Flyer
Nov 10, 2016


Somewhere Joni Mitchell is shaking her head.

University of Memphis (U of M) leaders are considering a move that would pave a community garden and, yes, put up a parking lot.

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1981 Agriculture Canada: Gardens for all?


Replacement of $500 million of this total by homegrown produce would be equivalent in balance-of-payment terms to one fifth of our average grain exports.

By Keith Wilde
Planning Advisor, Strategic Planning and Evaluation Branch
Publication: Food Markets Commentary
Agriculture Canada
December 1981
City Farmer’s research and activities stimulated the interest of Agriculture Canada’s Keith Wilde. Excerpt of his letter dated January 12, 1982 to City Farmer, to which he attached the article from Food Markets Commentary seen in this posting.
“Enclosed with this letter is a copy of Food Markets Commentary, a departmental publication. In it, under “News and Trends” you will find a short report on gardening, which reflects information you provided. I am continuing to accumulate information about the extent of interest in urban agriculture, and we discuss it within the Planning Division. A more formal report may be more widely circulated in the Department by late winter or early spring, possibly as an idea for combatting the effects of widespread unemployment.”

Article: Gardens For All?

More and more people are growing part of their own food, with the encouragement of nutritionists, health therapists, conservationists, urban planners, and horticulturists, not to mention the garden-supply industry and publishers of gardening books.

Gardens For All, an industry association in the United States, is understandably interested in the prospects for this trend, and annually pays a substantial fee to the Gallup Organization for an exhaustive statistical survey of gardening activities and profiles of the people who garden. Consequently, reliable data on the extent and significance of home food production are becoming available for the first time.

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