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Bogota, Columbia: She Turned a Massive Garbage Dump Into An Urban Farm

See the video here.

Bogota: 7,800,000 population. Transformation of a landfill into a farm. school, urban garden

Directed by Fernando Caneque and Paula Serna
Filmed by Daniel Barbosa
Towards the Human City
CAD Productions
(Must see. Mike)

Rosa Evelia Poveda Guerrero, known to her friends and acquaintances as Rosita, is an inspiring and tireless woman who believes in the power of urban agriculture to solve the feeding needs of the urban poor.

In 2003, Rosa found an 1,800-meter dumpsite that was inhabited by homeless beggars in the Eastern hills of Bogotá. Having dreamt about the opportunity of having an urban farm, Rosa decided to look for the owner of this site, who gave it to her under a commodatum (gratuitous loan). Then, she moved into the dumpsite, setting up a provisional camp, and started working with her two sons on cleaning the waste that had been piling up during the past 40 years.

After her successful call offering a lunch in exchange for a day of work cleaning the dumpsite, she managed to clean the 1,800 meters of land. The result was an amazing ecological urban farm, where more than 100 different crop varieties are grown, next to farm animals, such as hens, rabbits, and quail.

Rosa’s Mutualitos Bring Sustainable Urban Farming to the Hands of the Working People