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Paris: Vegetables, fish and hops to be farmed on Parisian rooftops and car parks


33 teams have been selected by the City of Paris for the Parisculteurs project, which aims to use rooftops and car parks in the capital for vegetable, fish and hops farming.

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Amongst those selected are landscapers, farmers, architects, associations and start-ups. 13 of the locations are being made available by the City of Paris and 20 by partners (social housing, RATP- public transport operator, private companies…).

Whilst all of the projects have agroecology in common, they also each show a huge variety in farming techniques including : aquaponics, aeroponics, permaculture, growing in pots, mushroom hydroponic. Assistant to the Mayor and in charge of green spaces, Pénélope Komitès, says that “They are concrete responses to the climate and food double challenge that towns and metropolises are faced with”.

The 5.5 hectares of farmed plots will help to collect rainwater and reduce urban heat islands. Production will be aimed at short supply circuits, such as local markets and/or restaurants, sold in baskets to locals, or even picked directly by them. In total, 425 tons of fruit and vegetables, 24 tons of mushrooms, 3 tons of fish, 95kg of honey and 8,000 litres of beet will be produced annually and delivered in Paris.

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