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Kenya: Kitchen garden that you eat from and carry

Tabitha Mwiwawi on her balcony farm in Tudor, Mombasa. She grows kale, spinach, cabbages, brinjals, onions and tomatoes under drip irrigation. She sell the surplus to neighbours.

Having a mobile kitchen garden saves you the emotional strain when changing homes as it ensures that your plants move with you to the new location.

By Lynet Igadwah
Business Daily
Nov 17, 2016


Oliver Ndegwa of Agrotunnel International says there are several design options when settling on a mobile kitchen garden.

“The portable kitchen garden options depend on tastes and preferences. Basically, these are edible mobile wall unit designs made using gutters and zip grows as well as the mini greenhouse option,” he says.

The edible wall unit can be made of wood or stainless steel and comprises shelves arranged in a stair-case manner where one can put soil and grow plants.

It can come installed with wheels for easy movement from one spot to another.

It offers zero miles from farm to table where one can grow all salad greens as opposed to making trips to the grocery store every weekend.

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