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Speedibin: Metal Compost Bin That Keeps Rodents Out

speed Joyce McMenamon, second generation developer of the Speedibin.

Indiegogo Campaign – Speedibins were first designed by Fred and Peg Francis in 1989

By Joyce McMenamon
Courtenay BC, Canada
Nov. 2016

It is all metal so animals can’t chew through.

A metal mesh screen on the bottom allows worms, microbes and water to transfer but prevents animals from tunneling in.

The large lid comes right off for easy access.

The front door slides out for easy removal of finished compost.

A latching handle keeps out raccoons, dogs and wind.

Proper ventilation ensures aerobic decomposition.

How we will use the funding

Increase awareness of the Speedibin for backyard composting.

Increase awareness of the powerful benefits of backyard composting instead of expensive and inefficient hauling and distribution of organics, or worse, trucking to a landfill.

We have a second model of Speedibin that we are working on producing that has a hinged lid – an upgrade that some gardeners may appreciate. We need financial assistance with the prototyping and production.

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