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Minneapolis Kids Rap About Urban Agriculture

(Must see video. Mike)

Remember that “Hot Cheetos & Takis” video featuring those cute Minneapolis kids from back in 2012, which got more than 14 million views on YouTube? From that same studio comes something a bit more grown up.

By Dan Nosowitz
Modern Farmer
December 7, 2016


The nonprofit teamed up with Beats & Rhymes, a program also based in Minneapolis that allows kids to write and produce music in a professional setting, to create a the song and video for “Grow Food.” Using the same familiar touchstones—808 beats, Atlanta-style spooky bass lines, an array Grantland described as “a banger”—Beats & Rhymes has come up with a song that’s somehow both a plea to fight against food deserts and also pretty…good. Here’s the video.

“Grow Food” rails against the proliferation of processed food, unhealthy school lunches, and bad eating habits while promoting gardening, urban farming, and eating your veggies. A sample line: “I get the C from the oranges, I get the B from the broccoli, I get the A from the milk, I get my vitamins properly. My food be packed with them minerals, I hope you taking this literal!”

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