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Students’ Drawings Turned into Community Garden Mural in Georgia, USA

muralwClick on image for larger file. Winterville Elementary School students pose in front of mural. Photo by John Poark.

Athens’ Mayor Nancy Denson was on hand to be with the students.

Online Athens and
Dec 2, 2016

Adorning the wall of the old Spratlin Garage that faces the Winterville Community Garden is a new mural designed by children and supported by the City of Winterville and Winterville Arts Council. Artist Cameron Bliss Ferrelle and Judy Logue visited the art classes at Winterville Elementary School to lead third, fourth and fifth graders in creating drawings of objects found in a garden.

A student finds her drawing that was incorporated into the mural.

The collection was narrowed down to 60, which were digitally assembled together to create a mockup of the mural. After the children’s images were chalked onto the wall, adult artists including Peter Loose, Tex Crawford and Kip Ramey joined in. At the unveiling, the students will bring their original drawings and see the mural for the first time.

Link here.

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