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Nature Journal: ‘Agriculture – Sowing the city’

Aztecs farming on an artificial islands called a chinampa in Tenochtitlan. De Agostini Picture Library/G. Dagli Orti/Bridgeman Images

“Urban agriculture will be there when new challenges arise.”

By Laura Lawson
Nature 540, 522–524
International Weekly Journal of Science
22 December 2016


Agricultural urbanism is entering a new phase as a framework to address community cohesion and food access. From Shanghai to Detroit, advocates are mapping the urban-agriculture landscape — highlighting the existence of vacant lots and ‘food desert’ neighbourhoods ripe for transformation. Often, this enables farmers to network, discuss shared concerns and advocate. A model is New York City’s Five Borough Farm, a project of the Design Trust for Public Space. Here, site documentation, metrics development and proposals for supportive policies and practices are managed collectively.

“Urban agriculture will be there when new challenges arise.”
And the future? Urban agriculture offers promise for coping with climate change. Eschewing reliance on vulnerable transport connections, experimenting with seasonality and crop selection, and strengthening community ties will help both mitigation and adaptation. Urban agriculture will be there when new challenges arise, and will continue to evolve as it responds to key issues that shape our cities.

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