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Eat Your Yard! Edible Landscaping with Hatchet and Seed in Greater Victoria, BC

Experts in the field of edible landscaping and applied permaculture, Tayler Krawczyk and Solara Goldwynn.

The whole idea with edible landscaping is to design with food in mind by interspersing edible plants with ornamentals.

By Holly Brooke
The Eat Journal
Aug 28, 2015


The North Saanich couple have been operating their business Hatchet and Seed since 2010. The company provides landscape consulting, design, and installation services with a strong focus on organic, ecological and permaculture principles.

The couple agrees that urban farming, while it has been gaining popularity, isn’t for everyone. “On a macro-scale, we are aware of food security as an issue,” says Krawczyk, “but there is a spectrum and most people fall somewhere in the middle.”

Often times, limited space and lack of time will deter someone from growing food. But you can just as easily plunk in a few herbs or tea plants beside your front door. Goldwynn says, “Start with things that can go underneath your rosebushes or lilacs and incorporate things you may already be eating.”

fresh tea basketHave you heard that expression roses love garlic? Well, apparently they do and planting members of the onion family can increase the rose’s aroma. “Some call it nook and cranny gardening,” says Krawczyk, “when you’re growing your own food right outside your front door. Besides, being born and raised in Saskatchewan, it’s a paradise to eat out of the garden year round [here on Vancouver Island].”

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