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Philippines: Taguig aims for better environment, healthier lifestyle through urban farming

Urban farming model at Tipas Elementary School /CREDIT: / Manila Bulletin

To encourage residents to create their own “urban farms,” the City Agriculture Office held the first Gulayan Contest for Women on December 19, 2016.

Manila Bulletin
Jan 15, 2017


Mayor Lani Cayetano said the city government intends to preserve at least 25 hectares of agricultural land. To achieve this goal, the city government is aggressively promoting urban farming and gardening. This goal is not prompted by nostalgia for an agricultural past, but for pragmatic reasons. The city government views urban farming not only as a source of income for its residents but as a way to promote a better environment and a healthier lifestyle.

The city’s urban gardening program favors organic farming where pesticides, fertilizers, genetically modified organisms, antibiotics, and growth hormones are not used on crops. Organically grown products are better for the environment and for a person’s health.

The City Agriculture Office conducts lectures, seminars and trainings regarding urban farming and gardening. It also provides technical assistance including distribution of free vegetable seeds.

The showcase of the city government’s urban gardening program is the “Taguig Urban Farm” in Tipas Elementary School which hosts a vegetable garden and small concrete fish pens for growing tilapia and catfish fingerlings.

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