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‘Urban Farm’ Theme Park Developed in Moscow, Russia

To create a children’s educational complex around Kamensky Pond – – “a farm in the city”, where children will be able to familiarise themselves with nature, find out what various animals look like, and where their milk, vegetables and fruit come from.

By Wowhaus
Chief architect of the project: Alyona Zaitseva
Architects: Gleb Galkin, Darya Listopad, Anastasia Izmakova, Yevgeny Reshetov, Margarita Leonova, Maria Khokholova, Alexandra Kim, Maria Khokhlova, Denis Manshilin and Ivan Korenkov
Master Plan: Nina Smirnova
Chief Structural Engineer: Dmitry Belostotskiy


The farm offers a new type of leisure activity for children and parents in Moscow, educating children about the natural world through direct contact with nature.

The northern areas bordering on the Botanical Gardens have a historical connection with the theme of agriculture. Here were located the Pig Rearing, Sheep Rearing and Poultry Farming pavilions. The site of the present farm was that of the Hunting pavilion and the so called Hunting Track, with its enclosures for wild animals. The pavilion burnt down long ago, and only two statues remain – the Hunter and the Fox Breeder, which now stand to greet visitors to the farm. The farm itself thus represents a logical continuation of the site’s history.

The Urban Farm at VDNKh is the first project of its kind in Moscow, though this form of children’s educational and family leisure attraction is popular worldwide. On the farm, children come into contact with animals under the guidance of their keepers: they prepare food for them, feed them and look after them. The project is based upon a socio-economic investigation, carried out by ourselves in company with KB23. Its result is a complex of open air and covered areas devoted to particular themes.

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