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Antwerp, Belgium: ‘Caffungi’ urban farming – Turning coffee ground into oyster mushrooms

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‘In Belgium, too, we have an excess of organic waste, such as, for example, the large amounts of coffee grounds from espresso and other coffee machines.

From their Kisskissbankbank site



When we produce bulk we often deal with overproduction. Because of that we went looking for a way to use these leftovers and avoid they end up thrown away. This is how the Caffungi Love Balls came to life. The balls are artisanally made with oyster mushrooms. We use chickpeas, beans and loads of fresh herbs such as coriander and parsley. We get these ingredients at local farms. All balls are hand rolled and don’t contain preservatives. Our Caffungi Love Balls are 100% natural, free, local and vegan.


You can find Pastaman every Saturday at the market in Antwerpen. There he sells artisanal pasta such as ravioli, cannelloni, mezzaluna, made with Caffungi oyster mushrooms. Fresh, veggie, local and delicious!

Visit site here.