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Los Angeles family is creating a zero-waste homestead with goats, chickens and bees

Choi Chatterjee spend time in her Altadena backyard.

She often gives neighbours fresh eggs and seeds. When the couple harvested 16 gallons of honey, they gave 10 gallons of it away.

By Lisa Boone
Los Angeles Times
Jan 19, 2017


Their home’s transformation to urban homestead was pragmatic. When the couple wanted more compost to grow vegetables — squash, eggplant, tomatoes, collard greens and beets, among them — they added chickens to their backyard landscape.

When that didn’t generate enough compost, they added rabbits and two goats, Daisy and Blueberry, whom they initially bottle-fed.

“Building a relationship with animals is interesting,” says Sayeed with a laugh. “Our dog Plato comes out here every day and reminds the goats and chickens that he is the top dog around here.”

Chatterjee is the resident gardener and Sayeed is in charge of compost, two fish ponds and beekeeping. “The goat manure powers the garden,” explains Sayeed. “Unlike other animal manure, it does not need to decompose. It can be applied directly to the plants and they won’t burn.”

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