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Flooding impacts urban agriculture in Zimbabwe

Some urban farmers who spoke to ZwNews have expressed their fears that the floods being experienced in the country at the moment could lead to serious food insecurity.

By Lovemore Lubinda
Jan 20, 2017


Kudakwashe Tagara, another Harare resident who last season had to send some of his urban farming produces to his parents in the rural areas (Mutoko) after they failed to harvest more to eat, said the floods have affected their livelihoods to a greater extent.

“The situation is compromising our ability to fend for our families; all my small fields dotted along the Mukuwisi River have been rendered a complete write-off. I won’t get anything this year, my aging parents in Mutoko depend on what I provide them,” he said.

Meanwhile, according to the Poverty Reduction Trust Forum (PRTF) most urban residents are relying on urban agriculture for sustenance, because of poverty, lack of dependable incomes, many find it hard to purchase all the food they require.

PRTF says the dwindling agricultural production can affect some residents’ wellbeing, particularly the urban poor who have limited alternatives in the provision of the food they require other than own production.

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