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Two of Martha Stewart’s Favourite Garden Gadgets

10 gallon Compost Tea Brewer from Rittenhouse.

Compost Tea Brewers and and an Indoor Seed Starter

Excerpts from Wall Street Journal Jan 22, 2017

“One of the healthiest ways to feed your plants is to make compost tea, a combination of compost and water that’s heated to a certain temperature and brewed like regular tea. It doesn’t smell. I use the Rittenhouse Compost Tea Brewer. I have the 10- and 25-gallon systems, but they come in small sizes, too, so you can use one even if you only have a porch full of plants.”

Urban Cultivator.

“To start seedings for my gardens, I use something called an Urban Cultivator [an indoor gardening device]. There’s nothing else quite like it. This machine is programmed to water, light and irrigate and keep the temperature constant. I’ve already started lupines, delphiniums and Formosa lilies. We also grow shoots—pea, broccoli and kale—for my red factor canaries.”

Compost Tea Brewer.

Urban Cultivator.