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Denver: ‘The Urban Farm’ rebuilds pens after 13 animals killed by stray dogs

“The sadness of the loss has been tempered by the generosity of the community,” Marrs said.

By Macradee Aegerter
Fox 31, Denver
Feb 4, 2017


Thanks to nearly $9,000 in donations, volunteers worked to dismantle the old and unsafe pens, making way for new, higher poles and fences.

“These poles are being taken out. I’m sorry that they are going. They are like my favorite poles,” said Felicia Diamond, a board member for The Urban Farm.

“The purpose is, hopefully the eight-foot fence just to make it a lot tougher for animals to get in,” said Marrs.

“We could probably keep what’s his name, El Chapo in here,” Diamond joked of making the new pens like a supermax prison to keep the animals better protected from the outside.

Out here it’s far from a prison though. Here it’s about connecting with the earth and agriculture.

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