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Poverty-Fighting Community Garden In South Africa

Mnqobi Mnguni, Mashange, RS Maqolo, AM Maqolo and Busie Maqwaza are ready to reap their first crop at the garden project in Lovu Township.

The garden currently uses four 10,000-litres tanks for water.

By Earl Baillache
South Coast Sun
Feb 8, 2017


Zeph Mbuyisa initiated the project in Lovu Township in November by planting maize and the seven people working in the garden will reap their first harvest on about 15 February.

“We have two-and-a-half hectares we can cultivate but currently we are only using an area of 67 metres by 52 metres,” said Zeph.

“We are trying our best to alleviate poverty in the area. At the moment we have only grown maize, but we want to branch out into growing other crops and recruit stakeholders.

We need stakeholders to come to the open day, see what we are doing and let us know what they want to buy so we can plant those crops to generate an income.”

The garden currently uses four 10,000-litres tanks for water.

“At the moment we have no funding and we need more tools and seeds,” said Zeph, who is keen to offer training to anyone who is interested.

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