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Canada: Urban agriculture comes to London, Ontario

The Urban Roots London founders (L-R: Heather Barnes, Graham Bracken, Jeremy Horrell and Richie Bloomfield) in the snow. Courtesy of Curtis Justrabo.

“They realized they were in town for university, they wanted to contribute to the community in the meaningful way. That work fed a community; they’re committed to a system to improve it,” says Barnes.

By Ellis Koifman
The Gazette
Feb 12, 2017


Last November, Heather Barnes and Graham Bracken, two former Western students in law and economics/philosophy respectively, were inspired by the Michigan Urban Farming Initiative (MUFI).

“They grow a lot of food organically and they funnel it right back into the community,” says Barnes. “While we were there people walked up [to the urban farm] and they walked away with food.”

After taking this knowledge back to London, the two met Horrell, creator of Forest City Family (a community of London businesses who support the local movement), and quickly realized he would be a perfect addition to the team.

Richie Bloomfield, a former Ivey HBA student who currently teaches a second-year accounting course at Western, joined up soon afterward. Bloomfield grew up on a farm, giving him an experienced background to draw on.

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