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UK: Brighton & Hove Allotment Strategy 2014-2024

Brighton & Hove?s allotment community is comprised of 6000 food growers with 3100 plots on 37 sites.

Brighton & Hove City Council
Brighton & HoveAllotment Federation


The strategy emphasises increasing the number of people growing high quality local food by ensuring the availability of good quality land. It promotes a self- sustaining and efficient service, encourages site participation, while fostering biodiversity, organic practices, good food and healthy living. It encourages a cooperative approach.

Around 1800 people were involved in developing the strategy, many of whom contributed substantial time to respond to surveys that generated valuable and detailed evidence. Almost everyone stated that the major benefits of allotments included access to healthy food and general exercise. While allotments did not bring about major savings on food bills, individuals and families reported that they felt able to make better choices (e.g. organic or healthier food).

A large majority thought that their allotment has a powerful impact on their overall health and happiness, relieving stress and improving their mental health; while many enjoy being part of a community. In comparison to the general population, allotmenteers feel healthier. Charities and community groups run 30 community plots providing access and facilities for vulnerable people. They too emphasise the benefits of allotments for good mental health.

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