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Australia: Farmer’s son turned to urban farming after years in hospitality and IT industry

David Sivyer, Feedback Organic Recovery. Picture: Chris Brown.

Newcastle, New South Wale. The best thing about farming in the city and suburbs is that I’m so close to the beach, so close to friends.

By Melinda McMillan
Newcastle Star
Feb 22, 2017


What do you produce/grow/make? We are growing baby carrots and beets, mesclun mix, radishes, red Russian kale, cucumber, pumpkins and squash all on small farm within urban areas. Originally we started at Maryville at the old Hunter Valley Research Foundation but now farm on small patches in Cardiff and Wallsend.

What do you want the world to know about your product? That it’s a circle, we collect organic waste from cafes and restaurants, compost it and then grow in urban spaces and produce food that goes back to the cafes and to the general public.

What is your life philosophy? It has certainly changed since I started, it has changed my behaviour. I now live in a zero waste household, I try to impact as little as possible, from simple changes like using a reusable takeaway coffee cup rather than a disposable one.

How long have you held a stall at the Newcastle City Farmers Market? About 3 years, originally with compost and above ground planters made from reclaimed timber but now we also sell our freshly harvested crops. We harvest on Saturdays and we sell at the Farmers every Sunday.

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