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95-year-old Landscape Architect, Cornelia Oberlander, Describes Her Mother’s Gardening Book

Horticulturist Beate Hahn published ‘The Garden Primer for Kids and Mother’ in 1935.

By Michael Levenston
City Farmer
Mar 14, 2017
(Must see! Mike)

At her home/office in Vancouver, Canada’s famous landscape architect shows us one of her mother’s books on gardening. The book’s artist, Ursel Bartning (1905 – 1990), featured Cornelia in many of the images throughout the book including the cover.

Excerpt from Susan Herrington’s book on Cornelia Oberlander – Making the Modern Landscape:

As a professional horticulturist, Beate Hahn authored several books about gardening with children and how this activity supported their development and education. For example, her 1935 book Hurra, wir säen und ernten!! (Hooray, we sow and harvest!) linked the seasons of the year with activities and songs that children could perform in the garden.

Herrington credits: “Gondola Proksch kindly forwarded to me a list of Beate Hahn’s books and translated the titles.”

From Herrington’s book:

Hahn. Beate. Die Gartenfibel für Kinder, Eltern und Grosseltern [The garden primer for children, parents and grandparents]. Zürich: Rascher, 1948.

Gärten für die Jugend met der Jugend [Gardens for the youth with the youth.
Zürich: Rascher, 1960.

Dean Garten wächst met Dir vom Kinderbeet zum Wohngarten [Your garden grows with your children growing from bed to a residential garden — with plan drawings by Cornelia Hahn]. Ravensburg: Otto Maier. 1952.

Hurra, wir säen und ernten! |Hooray. We sow and harvest!]. Breslau: Wilhelm Gottlieb Korn, 1935.

Der Kindergarten ein Garten der Kinder – Ein Gartenbuch für Eltern, Kindergärtnerinnen und alle, die Kindern lieb haben [The kindergarten a children’s garden — A garden book for parents. kindergarten teachers, and everybody who loves
children]. Zürich: Rascher. 1936.

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