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South Africa: City/Country Conflict over Urban Farming in Nelson Mandela Bay

“We have residents in this city who have a problem – a public health issue with cattle in their communities. At the same time, we have to be sensitive to the needs of people who need land in order to look after livestock.”

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Mar 10, 2017


At a mayoral committee meeting yesterday, Trollip said there was a lot of urban farming taking place in the city, bringing with it public health and safety concerns. “This is a matter of considerable concern. We have a lot of urban farming taking place. We’ve got livestock being farmed in the urban area,” he said.

“In Uitenhage, we went to look at the available land.

“There’s an extensive piece of land surrounding Uitenhage for farming purposes. That land is covered in prickly pear and other invader species.

“So, we have a shortage of land for people farming in the urban area.

“We are dealing with public health issues with livestock in urban areas [and] we’re dealing with public safety issues with livestock roaming on our roads.”

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