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Singapore: Spa Esprit’s Cynthia Chua on urban farming and her new Farm to Beauty brand

Cynthia Chua. A pioneer in everything from introducing waxing to expanding our gastronomical palette, Chua wants us to consider the viability of urban farming, not just for food but for beauty ingredients too.

Calendula is very good as anti-inflammatory product, especially post-threading and tweezing. With whatever we’ve grown, we are able to produce about 1,600 bottles. That was just 10-20 per cent of the garden being used.

By Renée Bachelor
Nov 18, 2016


Now Chua is doing the seemingly impossible, working in partnership with Raffles City Shopping Centre and Edible Gardens to cultivate and hand harvest plants and herbs in a secret, rooftop farm stretching 10,000 square feet on top of Raffles City.

Tucked away on the seventh floor, more than 1,600 herbs and plants across 16 varieties have been grown, harvested and blended into beauty products. We visited the farm at sundown and it was pretty magnificent to see plants thriving within our urban landscape. Some of the plants that feature heavily in the first two products were aloe vera and calendula — these products will available at Strip and Browhaus outlets from this month.

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