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California: ‘Jewish Animal Liberationists’ Protest Kosher Slaughter At Urban Farm — Again

“We know the love and peace of this farm, but we also know that peace does not happen if it does not extend to animals,” he said.

By Daniella Cheslow
Fast Forward
March 14, 2017


Activists calling themselves “Jewish Animal Liberationists” wore funereal clothes and infiltrated a Purim party at a Berkeley Jewish farm to protest their killing of chickens.

“We are concerned about the violence against animals on this farm,” said Zach Groff, as he held a sign reading “I wanted to live,” in Hebrew.

The Saturday demonstration was the latest in an ongoing saga known as “chickengate” that pits the idealistic Urban Adamah Jewish farm against vocal animal rights activists in the Bay Area. Three years ago, activists managed to cancel a public chicken slaughter workshop on the farm, but the poultry were slaughtered days later and fed to the disadvantaged in the form of chicken soup.

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