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Netherlands: Education for Urban Agriculture and Urban Green Entrepreneurship

Date: Thursday 30 March 2017 14.00 – 17.30
Location: Aeres, Almere, Stadhuisstraat 18 Almere

Urban Agriculture is increasingly seen as a promising area for new business development. However, starting an Urban Farm requires a variety of knowledge and skills. Knowing how to cultivate plants or rear animals does not guarantee success; you also need to be able to analyse markets and social networks, plan and respond strategically to new trends, as well as to manage and monitor results once your businesses is up and running.

It is also crucial to be innovative, sustainable and make optimal use of multifunctional resources. The Urban Green Train project, that was realised in the last years with a team from 4 European countries, encourages and supports pioneering business initiatives in Urban Agriculture by strengthening knowledge exchange, cooperation and innovation between Higher Education Institutions, Small & Medium Enterprises, NGOs and policy makers. In this multiplier event, we share some of our findings and results, including an innovative Training course on Urban Agriculture, innovation and entrepreneurship.


Round 1 (45 min)

Francesco Orsini (Research Centre for Agriculture and Biodiversity in the Urban Environment, University of Bologna, Italy): Urban rooftop gardens to reduce city’s ecological footprint
Emmanuel Geoffriau (Agreenium, France): UA entrepreneurship as a means to valorise multifunctionality and ecosystem services
Axel Störzner (Hei-tro Aquaponik Development, Dortmund, Germany) Aquaponics as new business model – how to develop and transfer innovative technologies

Round 2 (45 min)

Bernd Pölling and Wolf Lorleberg (University of Applied Sciences Südwestfalen, Soest, Germany): New business models in peri-urban areas to link the city and countryside
Giovanni Bazzocchi (HORTICITY, Bologna, Italy): Providing services and expertise for developing community gardens and educational horticulture
Brigitta Methorst (CAH Vilentum, Dronten, Netherlands): Food from your own field to the plate. Explore the concept and motivation behind the Herenboeren initiative

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