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New Jersey-Based Startup Helps People Grow Their Own Food

ALFREA will strengthen the local food economy by connecting gardeners with land, help and experts, while creating a new platform for food producers and gardening professionals.

Press Release.

GALLOWAY, N.J. (January 5, 2017) – An ambitious New Jersey startup launched a pilot project in June 2016. The online platform is designed to build a stronger local food economy in South Jersey, the Philadelphia region and, eventually, across the nation.

Conceived and built right here in New Jersey, Alfrea is a revolutionary idea that brings the disruptive power of the sharing economy to food. The website makes homegrown food accessible to everyone – even people with no land, no gardening experience and no time to plant, grow or harvest food.

Alfrea connects would-be gardeners with people who have extra garden space, and with experts who can help a little or a lot. Gardeners who grow extra food can use the platform to sell surplus to neighbors. It’s like Airbnb, Taskrabbit and Etsy all in one – for foodies.

“People want to know where their food comes from. They no longer trust industrial agriculture and corporate food producers,” Alfrea Founder David Wagstaff said. “They are ready to get outside in the fresh air and get their hands dirty, grow their own food and share it with neighbors. Alfrea makes it easy to be part of the transition to a more sustainable world.”

ATC: Alfrea from PhillyCAM on Vimeo.

Patrick Mullin said Alfrea creates new business opportunities for people who want to earn money gardening or selling hyper-local food. “We want Alfrea to be the hub of a local food economy,” he said. “It’s a great way to earn money in your spare time.”

See their website here. Note: You must sign in to view their listing of land sharing partners.