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Yardfarmers is an upcoming reality TV show

Over the course of one growing season the six contestants will compete for the honor of becoming “America’s Best Yardfarmer,” and a substantial prize.

By Erik Assadourian, Katy Chevigny, Emily Helminen

From their website:

It is about young Americans moving back in with their parents to farm their parents’ yards and neighborhood greenspaces. Why? Because yardfarming could help solve many of America’s challenges: from the obesity epidemic to food insecurity, from the abuses of industrial agriculture to food deserts, from social isolation to climate change.

In an era of a changing climate, America’s future may very well depend on what form its 40 million acres of lawn take. An America built around local agricultural economies will be far more resilient than one built around car-dependent suburbs. The show is planned to air spring 2017 with filming in 2016.

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