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RUAF Update March 2017

RUAF Foundation (Global partnership on sustainable Urban Agriculture and Food systems)

March 2017

Update on RUAF projects
• Dutch City Deal: Food on the Urban Agenda
• Governance of territorial food systems (GOUTER)
• Milan Urban Food Policy Pact Awards for good practices

News from RUAF partners
• City Region Food System Assessment – Colombo
• Composts now considered in the “Fertilizer Subsidy Programme” in Ghana
• A European Network of AgroEcoCities
• City-to-city learning: Ede (The Netherlands) visits Ghent (Belgium)
• Urban agriculture training and policy development in Nairobi

New RUAF publications
• The role of private sector in city region food systems
• Foodsheds and City Region Food Systems in Two West African Cities
• Enhancing climate resilience of Gorakhpur by buffering floods through climate-resilient peri-urban agriculture
• Urban Agriculture Magazine 32: Urban Food-Waste-Energy Nexus and the Private Sector
• Urban Agriculture Magazine 33: Urban Agriculture and Agroecology

RUAF participation in events
• Urban Agriculture Australia
• Seminar Smart solutions for urban food supply
• Feeding Cities: Urban Agriculture, a Framework for Resilient African Cities
• Education for Urban Agriculture and Urban Green Entrepreneurship
• Resilient Cities 2017-Urban Food Forum

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