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Nevada Senate Bill 429: Community gardens could grow in blighted Nevada neighborhoods

Summary — Establishes provisions relating to urban agriculture.

By Sandra Chereb
Las Vegas Review-Journal
Mar 25, 2017
(Must see. Mike)

CARSON CITY — Community gardens could sprout in blighted urban areas under a bill introduced Friday in the Nevada Senate.

Senate Bill 429 authorizes local governments to enact ordinances setting terms and conditions for using vacant or blighted land owned by a city or country for the purpose of community gardening.

AN ACT relating to agriculture; authorizing a governing body of a city or county to establish an urban agriculture zone; providing that a master plan may include an urban agricultural element; authorizing a board of county commissioners or a governing body of a city to allow the use of vacant city- or county-owned land for community gardening; and providing other matters properly relating thereto.

Section 1. Chapter 278 of NRS is hereby amended by adding thereto a new section to read as follows:

1. A governing body of a city or county may, by ordinance, establish an urban agriculture zone within the boundaries of the city or county.

2. To establish an urban agriculture zone, the governing body must conduct at least one public hearing on the question of whether to establish the urban agriculture zone.

3. An ordinance adopted pursuant to this section must not prohibit the use of structures that support agricultural activity, including, without limitation, toolsheds, greenhouses, produce stands and instructional spaces.

See the Act here.