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From Moscow: A ‘City Farm’ home appliance

The city farms are equipped with fine sensors sending all the farm performance and plant growth indicators to the application.

Krasny Oktyabr, 119072 Moscow

From their website:

The body is completely leak-tight, made of sound eight-layered composite aluminum. You can select out of 9 coloring options.

Regulated «smart» tinting coating of a farm’s glass door enables to turn down the glaring light RainbowSpectrum ™. Tinting coating is controlled with the use of the INTELLIGENT EXPERT application.

Module body is made of Softtouch plastic due to which it is highly wear-resistance and possesses elegant appearance.

Innovative module structure with in-built drip watering system enables to
control the level of the nutrients and minerals supply to the plants as well as enables to easily change the glasses for growing.

Fibonacci City Farm from Fibonacci on Vimeo.

Rainbow Spectrum ensures efficient process of plant photosynthesis at the expense of using solely the blue and red spectrum colors. Innovative light-emitting diode unit is automatically adjusted to the croppings grown in the city farm creating the most favorable conditions for their growth and fruiting.

Automatic climate control system ensures favorable air temperature and humidity for the croppings development inside a city farm. Measurements by all parameters are displayed in the INTELLIGENTEXPERT application.

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