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City Farmer Gets New “.eco” Domain Name

City Farmer’s new website [] features our Compost Demonstration Garden and our coming 40th anniversary next year. Visit the site here.

Leading global brands like Tesla, Google and LG have bought .eco domain names, taken the .eco pledge and set up .eco profiles.

Press Release
April 25, 2017


VANCOUVER, BC – Starting today, businesses, organizations and individuals can own a .eco domain, the new dedicated environmental domain extension for people and brands committed to positive change for the planet. The .eco domain comes to market following a nine-year collaborative effort among more than 50 environmental non-profits, all with a shared vision to bring a trusted symbol of environmental responsibility to the Internet.

“Consumers will recognize .eco as the new global identity for brands and organizations committed to positive environmental change,” said Trevor Bowden, co-founder of .eco and Big Room Inc., a certified B Corporation located in Vancouver, BC. “Early .eco domain holders have already inspired a positive ripple effect, encouraging other brands to register and promoting transparency and a new level of accountability in how companies broadcast their social, environmental and CSR mandates.”

.eco domain pricing ranges from US $65-$100 annually and is available at more than 60 global domain retailers. To search for .eco domains, visit Domains will be available today starting at 9am PST.

Over the course of a nine-year campaign to win the .eco domain, the co-founders built a coalition of support among leading environmental organizations that included Green Cross International, founded by former President of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev. Other groups applied for the right to operate the .eco domain, granted by ICANN, the global non-profit that coordinates all domain names on the Internet.

The approach of building global community support for .eco greatly contributed to Bowden and co-founder Jacob Malthouse beating out several rivals for the domain, including a group endorsed by Former Vice-President Al Gore. “The support and encouragement we received from the environmental community throughout our journey was humbling and inspiring. We couldn’t have asked for better company in taking on the ambitious task of securing the .eco domain,” said Malthouse.

Early adopters already using .eco domain names ahead of the global launch include:

Koala, a natural cleaning products company, rebranded to

Sea Semester, an off-campus environmental studies program, created a landing page for their environmental study initiative at

Greenpeace Argentina is using as a short, memorable URL to drive attention to a petition from social media and advertising.

Vancity, Canada’s largest credit union, is using as a shortcut to their sustainability section of their website.

Producers of River Blue, a documentary about the fashion industry’s impact on the environment, are using as their home online.

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See our .eco profile