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India: This Mumbai Ecopreneur Has Been Turning City Dwellers Into Urban Farmers

iKheti aims to create a sustainable environment.

iKheti’s success has prompted Priyanka to take up new challenges: community farming, vertical gardening & hydroponics.

by Sohini Dey
The Better India
May 5, 2017


Having reached out to over 4,000 people via personal services and workshops, Priyanka is now emphasizing on encouraging bigger groups. iKheti’s experience with a few corporate and religious institutions has also shown that farming is best effectively practised on rooftops or bigger spaces. She also works with schools, encouraging children to eat healthy and understand the value of food.

Another area in which iKheti is beginning to work is with farmers around Mumbai, teaching them the values of organic farming. Admittedly, it is not easy—farmers worry about diminishing produce and Priyanka thinks it is a valid concern driven by the market and low awareness. “Many farmers don’t know that organic produce fetches higher prices,” she says.

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