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Vancouver’s Indigenous community fights to save native plants at risk

Lori Snyder believes that indigenous plants should be incorporated into daily diets to improve lifestyle (Sharon Nadeem)

Indigenous herbalists are working to preserve their traditional sources of food and medicine

By Sharon Nadeem, Seher Asaf,
CBC News
May 07, 2017


A tiny park in central Vancouver surrounded by skyscrapers, a stadium and a concrete parking lot looks like the kind of place that would be hostile to indigenous plants.

But to Métis herbalist Lori Snyder, Hinge Park is a “treasure trove.” She visits the park to fill her basket with indigenous plants, and conducts tours to share her knowledge of traditional medicines.

“If we sat down with our grandmother or great-grandmother, she’d say that when someone got sick we’d find a plant that would help bring them back to health,” said Snyder.

She grew up in Squamish, B.C., where plants were always part of her life. She remembers winding her way down to the woods near Alice Lake, which began a lifelong journey to learn about the roots, shrubs and trees surrounding her.

“That was when I first learnt who they were. These were all native plants,” Snyder said.

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