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Canada: Immigrant showcases gardening talents at urban farm in Halifax

Amber Bhujel, a Nepali-Bhutanese immigrant, has been growing mustard greens, kale, and cilantro in his two handmade greenhouses during the winter at the Common Roots Urban Farm in Halifax. Photo Haley Ryan.

Amber Bhujel uses make shift greenhouse to keep his garden plot at Common Roots Urban Farm growing throughout the winter.

By Nicole Gnazdowsky
May 07 2017


This winter the Nepali-Bhutanese immigrant successfully grew a garden of mustard seed and cilantro, by building a makeshift greenhouse out of sheets of plastic, sticks and bricks.

Bhujel comes from a long line of farmers in Bhutan; he lived as a refugee in Nepal for almost 20 years before moving to Canada in 2011.

“When I was in a Nepali refugee camp, every couple of months we used to get a chance to go on these agriculture trips, where we would get taught what to grow in winter, what not to grow in winter,” said Bhujel through a translator on Sunday.

He also said Americans would send their seeds to Napal and he would have test which seasons these seeds grew best in, teaching himself about the important role climate plays on agriculture.

Bhujel came to the Urban Farm through the program, Deep Roots, with Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia. He began by volunteering an hour or two of his time to help out around the farm, before taking on a plot of his own.

“When I first arrived here and I saw this plot of land I got such a surge of energy that I thought that I could virtually grow anything on this plot,” Bhujel said.

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