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Philippines: Baguio launches backyard gardening contest, urges residents to help produce food

Self-taught agriculturist Danny Agliam is being invited to be a resource speaker in several trainings to share his knowledge on urban agriculture, which he has been practicing for several years now in his rooftop garden at P. Zamora Street in Baguio City. Photo Harley Palangchao.

The councilor said the search also aims to encourage residents to produce medicinal plants which in the long run will help preserve the biodiversity of traditional plant varieties.

By Liza Agoot
Philippines News Online


Councilor Leandro Yangot Jr., chairman of the committee on trade, commerce and agriculture at the city council who spearheads the search, said “the main objective of this program is the establishment of urban gardens or backyard farms in the city to promote organic food production particularly among the marginalized sector of the population in order to achieve a degree of food security and diversity.”

He added that the contest aims to encourage the residents to be empowered and to produce food for themselves.

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