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India: The urban farmers battling Bangalore’s concrete jungle

A farm flanked by new apartment buildings in Varthur. Photo by Prabhu Mallikarjunan.

Students from the University of British Columbia Graduate School of Journalism report from Bangalore in southern India.

BBC News
May 27, 2017
(Must see. Mike)


The once-rural farming community is now part of eastern Bangalore, near the city’s mighty IT campuses. This rapid urbanisation has thrust urban farmers like Hanumanthappa, who is 45, into a fraught relationship with the city. They are confronted with a choice: continue farming under adverse conditions, or sell their land.

Ramagondanahalli is emblematic of what’s happening throughout Bangalore. The city’s concrete-covered area has expanded by 925% since 1970, with more farmland being sold off to developers as the city embraces its tech boom. The new urban landscape is testing farmers’ resilience as they grapple with how to move forward.

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