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38+ experts share their best secrets for growing all your own food and medicine


Mike Adams
The Coming Antibiotics Apocalypse

Howard Garrett
Planting & Managing Trees
(The Right Way!)

Sally Fallon
Nourishing Fats In Your Diet

Sayer Ji
Nightshades Illuminated

Joel Salatin
Salad Bar Beef

Dr. Eric Z
Make Your Own Essential Oils

Geoff Lawton
Permaculture Soils Made Easy

DaNelle Wolford
Farming in the Suburbs

Paul Wheaton
Replacing Irrigation With Hugelkultur

Hanna Crum
Kombucha Basics A to Z

Glenn Meder
Water Purification for Better Health

Justin Rhodes
How To Keep A Family Milk Cow

John Kohler
Growing Great Tomatoes

David the Good
7 Easy Ways to Feed Your
Garden for FREE

Stacey Murphy
Optimizing Your Soil Health

Brad Lancaster
How To Safely Harvest Greywater

Diana Rodgers
Raising Animals for Human & Planetary Health

Paul Munsen
Harnessing Solar Energy On The Homestead

Dr. Patrick Jones
Becoming A HomeGrown Herbalist

James Rolin
Crickets – The Superfood of Sustainability

John Moody
Empowering Your Kids
To Run The Farm

Deborah Niemann
Choosing The Best Livestock Guardians

Jason Matyas
10 Ways To Increase Garden Productivity

Dee Blanco
Feeding FRESH To Your
Cats & Dogs

Jacqueline Freeman
Gentle Ways To Collect Bee Swarms

Tom Elpel
Waste Not: Embracing This Free Source of Organic Venison

Angie Silvera
Donkeys for Dairy? YES!

Jim Kennard
How To Grow MORE, By Growing UP!

Martin Payne
24 of the Most Useful Wild Plants

Michelle Locher
Fresh Food Production
Inside Earthships

James Fry
Grow Veggies 3X Faster

Tara Rae Kent
Worm Composting Demystified

Lori Rose
Community Gardens for Schools
(How To Get Started)

Howard Garrett
Controlling Insects Naturally and Organically

Amy Landers
Solving Your Composting Challenges

Doug Simons
Winnowing Wild Grains

Andrew Cook
How To Buy A Greenhouse
(Get What You Need Without Breaking The Bank!)

Leila Mireskandari
Designing Gardens for Kids’ Success

Charlene Couch
Livestock Conservancy
Utilizing Rare Horse Breeds on Today’s Farm

Dave Glowka
How To Build Durable, Low-Cost Hoop Houses

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