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India: Septuagenarian farmer raises paddy on 4 acres in city of Trichy.

Srinivasan says he gets 50 to 60 bags of rice per acre a year of which 25 bags were enough for his family for a year.

By D Vincent Arockiaraj
Times of India
Jun 7, 2017


All the three sides of his land are engulfed by tall structures while on the northern side passes a black tarred road proceeding to Vayalur Murugan temple. Till 1975, his father G Ramachandran was looking after the lands. Srinivasan started to engage in agriculture at the age of 35. According to Srinivasan, his father had taken over the farming from his grandfather.

“Since it is my passion, I have been engaging in agricultural activities 24 x 7. I am the third generation in my family looking after agriculture”, said Srinivasan. When the entire state is reeling under acute water shortage, he has raised Ponni rice as summer crop on four acres. Now the crop is in ripening stage. Within 20 days he is expecting to harvest.

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