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Brazil: Urban and Peri-Urban Agriculture, and the Growth of Community Gardens in Rio de Janeiro

In the case of Rio de Janeiro, even while living in a tropical country blessed with lush vegetation, few have the ability to enjoy the nature around them.

By Juliana Torres
June 8, 2017


The project Hortas Cariocas, created by the City of Rio de Janeiro, invests in urban agriculture and already administers over 30 gardens implemented in public spaces (17 of which are located in schools) in various favelas across the city. The urban farms distribute half of their crops to neighborhood schools and to low-income families identified by the local Residents’ Association. The other half is sold and the profits divided amongst the workers, who are exclusively former prison inmates.

The city provides seeds, uniforms, individual protective gear, farming equipment, and organic fertilizers. Each collaborator and coordinator of Hortas Cariocas receives a monthly stipend for taking care of administrative tasks. The project aims to promote agriculture in the short-term, while planning for the project’s long-term profitability and self-sufficiency from municipal financial support.

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