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UK: From Forgotten London WWII Tunnels To Urban Farm: Q&A With Growing Underground

Micro greens up close. Photo from Growing Underground.

We’re using food as something to break down barriers and engage in your local community, rather than just being a producer in the middle of nowhere

By Brittany Lane
Jan 26, 2017


When you discovered the tunnels, do you remember realizing the potential opportunity here? What did that feel like?

S: I remember the phone call to the guy at Transport for London when I said we want to meet and rent your tunnels. He was like, “You can’t do a nightclub.” We said we don’t want to; we want to build a farm. And I think at that point he was like, what? He literally came out a couple of days later and met us. They were really forward thinking and supportive.

Tell me more about the space you’re using for farming down here.

S: So we’ve got a huge space, at least 70,000 square feet, and we’re using a tiny portion of that so far. The good thing for us is expansion is just building another section of farm. I don’t need a new building. This came from Chris and other advisors around us saying, if you are going to do this, you need to do it on a commercial scale. Otherwise, you’re just going to be a market garden. Like, you really need to be able to get your economics right. So that was the reason for going somewhere big like this.

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