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Musician ‘Prince’ Generously Supported Urban Agriculture

Taja Sevelle is an advocate for urban farming in Detroit but that’s after her musical career was touched by Prince.

Taja Sevelle: “We would be down to $2 and get a call. He’s sending some money. He donated part of his perfume sales. He did a concert in New York. He just had a big heart, you know.”

Fox 2
Apr 21, 2016


“He helped urban farming, you know. He saw the vision. We talked to Paisley, and he saw the big vision because he’s a big visionary and he really wanted the world to love each other and you know that’s what, that’s what I’m about. That’s what my music’s about. That’s what my work with urban farming is about. I saw all this unused land in the city and I had lived on a farm for three years and I thought why are people struggling to eat when we can plant food on this land

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Singapore: Turf wars in community gardens

The locked community garden at 552, Serangoon North Ave 3, has forced some residents to grow their own plants outside their flats and on other plots of land in the estate:ST Photo: Rachel Au-Yong.

The RC had asked Mr Tan Thean Teng, 73, to stop dispensing medical advice along with his herbs, as well as to involve more immediate neighbours in gardening.

By Rachel Au-Yong and Camillia Deborah Dass
The Straits Times
June 10, 2017


Illegal for unregistered person to practise TCM

The Ministry of Health has made clear that only registered practitioners can carry out traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) practices, such as the prescription of herbal medicine for treatment.

It sent this statement in response to queries from The Straits Times, following a recent case of a veteran community gardener whom residents approached for herbs with medicinal properties. He would give them the herbs from the community garden in Jurong West, along with medical advice.

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