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China: Shanghai’s first urban farm at an open community

Residents at Anshan No.4 Village place green plants in the community farm Baicaoyuan Garden. — Mao Xinhui

Children see the constant change of the fruits and vegetables everyday which is not available elsewhere,” Liu added.

By Huang Jianjian and Li Xinran
Shanghai Daily
June 13, 2017


A small piece of farmland hiding on a rooftop, at a residential quarter or surrounded by tall buildings, is not only for urbanites to retain their nostalgia but also an organic way to open and comfort people’s minds.

It varies from time to time whether rice paddy, vegetables, fragrant herbs are the best choice to be planted in the soil of downtown. A mini farm featuring a pond, blue iris and a variety of aquatic plants was displayed in Yangpu, during a recent urban farm exhibition. A small herbal garden with chamomile, mint and basil was also exhibited during the event at the Knowledge & Innovation Community Garden.

Previously there was nothing there but an empty ground. Up to now, it has become Shanghai’s first urban farm at an open community. Apart from the rice paddy and fresh vegetables, gardening classroom, graffiti wall, farmers market and organic food are also available here.

Urbanites practice cultivating, processing, and distributing food here and the mode is being promoted all over the city.

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