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Family of four farms in San Francisco

Photo: Kathleen Duncan, The Chronicle.

Jamie Chan and her husband Blas Herrera have an urban farm in their backyard where they grow their own food, raise chickens and harvest honey from their beehives.

By Kat Duncan
San Francisco Examiner
June 18, 2017


Later that morning, students streamed eagerly into the homestead to learn about growing their own food, raising chickens, harvesting honey and even got their hands a bit dirty. They potted small plants to take home with them, hugged chickens, and asked questions about homesteading within city spaces.

“The bigger benefits of urban gardening of any kind, in a container or in the ground, is that it can build community and send a message to people about what we value,” Chan said. “We can become ecological stewards in this new generation of concrete and landfills.”

The students also wandered through an opening in the side fence, which led into the neighbor’s backyard, where Chan and her family have extended their urban farm.

“I would love to continue to convince my immediate neighbors as well as the neighborhood that if you just tear down your fence, you can work together to grow things that will be a good benefit to the community and the environment,” she said.

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