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Besieged Gaza People Farming on Rooftops to Resist Blockade

My parents are sick and need treatment. I have to income to provide for the costs of treatment of my parents,” she said adding that she earns money by selling the agricultural products produced on the rooftop of her house. See video with this article.

A Gaza student told Tasnim that his school rooftop is used for agriculture. “At the break time and also during science class, we go to the rooftop farm and practice farming.

Tasmin News Agency
July, 10, 2017
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Many rooftops in Gaza, in winter, are home to leaf vegetables and in summer, to tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers, radishes, herbs and even lemon trees. The vegetables grow without soil and without any chemical fertilizers, thanks to an aquaponics gardening technique that people constantly improves.

Compared to traditional farming, the aquaponics system produces zero waste and requires less than half the water. “In the system, nutrient-rich wastewater from the fish tanks, which would normally need to be changed, treated or dumped, is used as an organic fertilizer for plant production. In turn, this removes the constant need for chemical fertilizers for plant growth.

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