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French Students to Travel West Coast of North America by Bike to Discover Urban Agriculture

2015 trip. L’agriculture urbaine a-t-elle les mêmes raisons d’être au Canada qu’aux USA? Phénomène de mode, manque de sécurité alimentaire, besoin d’un retour à la terre? Qu’est ce qui pousse les canadiens à manger leurs villes?

2018 Trip: We are beginning at San Diego and we finish at Vancouver.

By Audrey Michenaud-Rague
Second year student of AgroParisTech
Institute for Education and Research in Life Sciences, Agronomy, Food technology and Environment

Agrovelocity is an association led by three french students of AgroParisTech: Paris Institute of Technology for Life, Food and Environmental Sciences.

Their goal is to bike throw the West side of North America to investigate urban agriculture : from San Diego to Vancouver between april and august 2018.

The project has already been carried by two groups of boys; first, “Agrovelocités” in Europe (2014) and second “Agrovelocity” on the East side of North America (2015), but now girls start biking!

This year, with the new partnership with INRA (Europe’s top agricultural research institute), staff of urban agriculture, in addition to this overview, some research topics are defined : the environmental impact of urban agriculture, the differents business model existing and the policy frameworks.

Like the two other years, conferences, videos, publications and much more will be made to share their discovery.

English website.

French website.